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Industrial Automation Design Services


Integrators, OEMs, and End Users.

Cooper Automation has been in business since 1996, providing top quality industrial automation design services to System Integrators, OEMs, and End Users.

Through this time Cooper Automation has been involved in countless industries and processes, has worked with numerous automation platforms, has provided startup services on four continents, and has been responsible for system design on projects ranging from small ( a few dozen I/O points and a few thousand dollars) to large (two thousand I/O points and two million dollars).

Software and systems developed by Cooper Automation are instrumental in over $750 million in annual production around the world in industries ranging from specialty chemicals, extrusion processes, paper production, network appliance manufacturing, security hardware manufacturing, textile coating processes, material handling systems, pick-and-place manufacturing systems, industrial food processing, recycling systems, linear accelerators, soft drink bottling, and more.

Cooper Automation is the commercial enterprise of Glenn Cooper, who brings his decades of experience to every new project.

The business’ primary focus is to work with system integrators and OEMs as a virtual extension of their business, providing either turn-key system design and development, or design services in conjunction with the customer’s existing design resources.  Occasionally Cooper Automation also works with end users.

Design work and projects can be handled on an hourly basis or as fixed contracts, depending on the customer’s needs and desires.

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